Luca Solari

Photographer and musician Luca Solari (1955) grew up in the U.S., Switzerland, Hungary and Peru in an Italian-Peruvian family. He was introduced to photography at a late age after a 30-year musical career. His work consists of urban, nature and human photography with many black & white compositions which play with shadows and light on the tarmac, walls and street corners, revealing a striking timelessness. Solari sees his fellow people with fresh wonder and lets them become subjects in his photographic tale, as they creep forwards in time or leap over a shadow or a spot of light.

It was thanks to his Dutch wife that he discovered the Wadden archipelago in 2009. He is captivated by the beauty and authenticity of the isle of Schiermonnikoog. He regularly returns there, most often in winter, as he loves the light and calmness at this time of year. It is also a chance to meet the locals, who, over the years, have taken him into their hearts and homes. Solari has exhibited his work in galleries in Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. “The Fortress” (2018), dedicated to Schiermonnikoog, is his first book.